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Good Morning! Good Afternoon! Good Evening!
This place „Ruzsa, where we always welcome your greeting”!
Our town’s logo and slogantruly reflect the locals’behavior, views, faith. The friendly Ruzsians, the wide infrastructure, our alluring woods-meadows for long walks,our various events and open heart await for everyone here.
If openness, reliability and hard works are values for you it might easily happen that you will find your new home or an unforgettable relaxing place at us.
Ruzsa and a the Ruzsan people kindly welcome and accommodateevery visitor or anyone who’s looking to settle down here. The Ruzsans who love and respect each other and the achievements of the community, made their home to a tranquil, cozy and livable village that they feel as their own and gladly share it with people having similar values.
Give it a try! Get information from our website then visit us and experience the hospitality of the Ruzsans!